Hi, I’m Caleb Curry

Roles I’m searching for…

Web3 Engineer

I’m most interested in a role that allows me to build the future of blockchain and web3. I believe the decentralization of software is core to our future and essential for thriving in the tech industry. Whether this is smart contract development or general software engineering for a cryptocurrency/blockchain company, count me in.

Web Developer

The secondary role I am looking for is a web developer. This is what I have the most experience in and believe I have a good understanding of the full stack. From databases and backends to presenting things on a webpage, I can do it.

Devrel (Developer Relations)

Need an engineer who can also build a community? I’m well versed in simplifying technical content and helping people succeed in an ecosystem. I’m familiar with markdown documentation, video tutorials, Discord management, and software development.

I’m Currently Working on…


My bread and butter has been YouTube. Although I absolutely love YouTube and have no plans of quitting, I want it to be a passion project and hobby again. I want to build more real-world experience so I can provide more value to viewers. Currently sitting at over 500K+ total subscribers across two channels, I’ve helped teach a lot of people a lot of stuff.

I focus on cryptocurrency and software development training (this includes languages like C++, JavaScript, SQL, and more).

Space Pool

Today I am the cofounder of Space Pool, a Chia farming (mining) pool with over 30K members. The Space Pool Discord is the go-to community for any talk about the Chia cryptocurrency with 35K+ members. I am a full stack web developer using a variety of languages and tools like React, Node.js, typescript, and ASP.NET. I also created a crypto price discord bot written in Python.

Space Pool is the largest Chia pool using the official pooling protocol, and the second largest overall. drawing source

My Skills Include…


I’m comfortable with the Solidity language and continue to improve my skills. I’ve deployed sample contracts on the Kovan Ethereum testnet. You can find the code here and links to the smart contracts in the readme.md. This code includes multiple projects. One will use a Chainlink Oracle to get the current Ethereum price, another is a lottery system that gives multiple contributors the chance to win some Eth!

I have also created ERC20 tokens with OpenZeppelin.


Starting with the basics, I have bought and sold NFTs on OpenSea.io and am familiar with metamask and the various networks (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana). I am currently learning the HashLips art engine used to generate NFT collections and working on my own NFTs. Coming soon!

One interest of mine is NFTs with utility. For example, I own multiple domains that are NFTs. This allows me to fully own the domain and host decentralized websites on IPFS. I believe much more in life could be tokenized and decentralized.

Web Development

I have experience in most major backend languages and frameworks including Node.js, ASP.NET, Django, and Flask. For frontend, I know React, Typescript, and the essentials of CSS.

I have a good understanding of Databases (SQL and NoSQL) and I’m comfortable building an API using JWT authorization. I can create login systems in React and deploy everything to production on AWS.

I am able to build software in a team environment with GitHub, branches, and pull requests. This includes open source software such as this portfolio website built with Jeckyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. Additionally, I have a good understanding of Markdown and technical documentation engines such as Docusaurus and GitBook. You can find an example of a documentation website I built. Here is the open source code.