What is React Native? With Software Engineer Laura Medalia / @codergirl_

What is React Native with codergirl_

Hi! Caleb here. We’ve been talking about JavaScript and how it’s one of the top 3 recommended languages to learn for 2019.  Why? JavaScript is very versatile and capable of building a large variety of applications: Backend development with Node.js, frontend development using frameworks such as Vue.js or React, and even native iOS and Android applications using React Native.

What do I mean by native? Native means the application is running directly on the mobile device and is not virtualized in any way such as a web app. 

With React Native, you don’t build a “mobile web app”, an “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app”. You build a real mobile app that’s indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java.

Recently I’ve had the privilege of chatting with a well known iOS software engineer, @codergirl_on Instagram. Let’s hear what she has to say (with my thoughts in gray)!

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5 Reasons Why I’m NOT a Software Engineer

As some of you know, I’ve created videos like A Day in the Life of a (Future) Software Engineer. This obviously implies that I’m not currently a software engineer. It’s an obvious statement to say that not everyone is meant to be a software developer or engineer. At one point, I thought that was me. Let’s talk about why, until now, I never really saw myself being a software engineer. Even now, I’m not a software engineer. Maybe these are the same reasons you’re not, too.

1. I Didn’t Want to be a Software Engineer

Software development and computer science is overwhelming. As I began learning to code, I always had the same problem – Issues would come up and I’d have no idea how to solve them. This was great for my problem solving skills, but it often left me feeling frustrated or defeated. 

This was before going to school and getting a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. This was just me doing it for fun in high school and some professionally.

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A Day in the Life of a (Future) Software Engineer

What exactly do I mean by future software engineer? No, I’m not from the future. I am currently working towards becoming a software engineer. I originally developed software as a contractor before I took a role in marketing. Now I’m trying to get back to my roots and get a software engineering position. Not just any development position, though. I want one that is challenging and one that will give me reputable experience.

Because of this, I am preparing for the types of interviews given at the big name software companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Netflix, etc). I documented and recorded my experience for an entire day. The video is at the end.

Because I work full time, I only get so much time to work on my development skills. This is challenging because I feel it takes me a very long time to get anywhere, but it’s good because it’s teaching me not to waste time. 

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