C Programming Tutorial 37 – Strongly Typed Vs Loosely Typed Languages

Did you read the last blog on Operator Precedence? Are you new here? Start at the beginning, Intro to C!

This blog is going to be an introduction to how programming languages consider data types. As we know, there are many data types in C programming. C is an example of a strongly typed programming language. Strongly typed means that every piece of data has a specific type.


Imagine if we stored everything in strings. This would become a problem because the computer would never know how to work with certain data. For example, let’s say we have “5” and “6” and we try to add them. Should the computer add the numbers to be “11”, or should it combine the strings to be “56” (The process of combining two strings like this is known as concatenation).

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Worst 3 Programming Languages of 2018

Worst 3 Programming Language

There is a plethora of blogs about the top languages to learn, but what about the languages you should NOT learn? You’ll want to avoid these languages like the plague.

I’m going to be calling out three very popular programming languages that I’d advise against you spending your time learning them or taking a position where you’ll have to spend a lot of time using these languages. Just because something’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean you should try it. This is my opinion, yours might differ.

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