The Imposter Syndrome

I can’t code. I’ve been developing for years and still have no idea what I’m doing. John, on the other hand, is like a coding master. Thanks a lot for making me look bad, John. Thanks a lot! 

Maybe this is what goes though your mind at work.

We’ve all experienced this feeling. It’s known as the imposter syndrome. The imposter syndrome plagues those around the world. I’ve seen this syndrome a lot in the tech industry. The wealth of knowledge available around software development is crazy. Somehow we’re expected to know everything, or at least that’s how we feel.

I Can’t Code. I’m not Smart Enough. 

This feeling overwhelms the developer. This leads to anxiety. We put on a face that shows we know what we are doing, but ultimately our truth will be exposed to the masses. We fear that the day might come… the day when we’re humiliated in front of others regarding our lack of true knowledge. 

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