5 Reasons Why I’m NOT a Software Engineer

As some of you know, I’ve created videos like A Day in the Life of a (Future) Software Engineer. This obviously implies that I’m not currently a software engineer. It’s an obvious statement to say that not everyone is meant to be a software developer or engineer. At one point, I thought that was me. Let’s talk about why, until now, I never really saw myself being a software engineer. Even now, I’m not a software engineer. Maybe these are the same reasons you’re not, too.

1. I Didn’t Want to be a Software Engineer

Software development and computer science is overwhelming. As I began learning to code, I always had the same problem – Issues would come up and I’d have no idea how to solve them. This was great for my problem solving skills, but it often left me feeling frustrated or defeated. 

This was before going to school and getting a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. This was just me doing it for fun in high school and some professionally.

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How to Get Your First Coding Job

Job postings are annoying because every job requires 3 years of experience and you can’t get that experience without having a job. What do!?

If you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you’re a complete newbie. You may have done some coding for fun or for school, but now you want to take it to the next level. This blog will share with you the steps I took to get my first software development job.

1. Own the Tech Interview

I’m jumping to the meat of the article because your long-term career success is likely going to come down to your performance on a (relatively) short interview. If you do all of the other things in this article perfectly, but do not have what it takes to impress a hiring manager, you will likely fail at becoming a software developer or software engineer. 

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