Are you a company looking to sponsor an ambitious video creator?  We might be a good fit! 

Who is my audience?  

I focus heavily on relational database management systems, SQL, and database design.  I am well established and well known in my niche.  

Here are my aggregate analytics for all of my database videos.  This is for the last 4 weeks:

Analytics Database 28 Days

How much exposure does one video bring on average, then?

73,500 views every 4 weeks * 13 = 955,500 total views a year for the entire group.

955,500 total views a year / 187 videos = 5,109 views per video, per year.

What kind of company is good for me?

I will not consider sponsorships by companies that require me to sacrifice my integrity or change who I am on YouTube.  If you are an honorable, loyal company with a big heart, both my audience and I will embrace you and your product with cheer.  

As for the type of product, I am open to anything related to databases, hosting, project management, education platforms, computer science or programming, and general tech companies that can relate to my audience in one way or another.  

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For those who are interested in how different types of videos have performed, here is some lifetime detail:

Lifetime Analytics


analytics MySQLanalytics database designanalytics Database Design and NormalizationAnalytics Data TypesAnalytics OracleOracle is actually one of my most popular series.  These analytics do not show this well as I have published 16 oracle videos in the last 3 weeks at the time of this image (note the large spike in views).

Analytics - MySQL Stored ProceduresAs you can clearly see, not every series gets hundreds of thousands of views.  A lot goes into what makes a succesful series.  First, as a general rule, larger series collect more views on all vides in that series (a 2 video series will get more than double the views compared to a 1 video series).  Second, it takes a lot of time for tutorials to get a lot of views.  It is important to realize that tutorials are not the same product as many other YouTube videos.  Tutorials do not get hundreds of thousands of views the first week they are available.  They slowly gain views and maintain high value for years to come.  The MySQL stored procedures series has only been in existance for less than 6 months.  I fully expect the videos in this series to accumulate thousands of more views over the next few years.