Are you looking to grow your company through sponsoring a successful content creator?  Look no further!

New things are coming! When you sponsor me, here is the exposure you should expect (I expect my new content to surpass the example given here):

Database design stats

Based on this historical data shown, I am expecting the new series to surpass 20,000 views per video on average. 

What to expect when sponsoring my content?

Expect to get both awareness through a large number of impressions (potentially in the millions, depending on sponsorship agreement), and adoption through clicks.  

CPC Guarentee

For every dollar you pay, I ensure I will drive atleast that many clicks to your web page. $20,000? 20,000 clicks. That is a $1.00 CPC for clicks directed from a trusted content creator (high quality clicks).  This is an incredible CPC as the average is over $2.00

What kind of company is good for me?

I will not consider sponsorships by companies that require me to sacrifice my integrity or change who I am on YouTube.  If you are an honorable, loyal company with a big heart, both my audience and I will embrace you and your product with cheer.  

As for the type of product, I am open to anything related to databases, hosting, project management, education platforms, computer science or programming, and general tech companies that can relate to my audience in one way or another. I will also consider other cool products if the product is of high interest.  

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