End of Year Tech Reading List!

It’s that time of year again where we cram in a bunch of books to read so that we don’t feel like failures. Ha! Just kidding… kind of. Anyway, education is very important for us computer programmers! We must always be learning and a great way to do that is to read! Today I wanted to share with you the books I am finishing up before the end of this year!

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My Reading List!

1.) A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript!

This book has helped me so much in planning my upcoming JavaScript course! This has helped me learn and review the basics of JavaScript. The main seller of this book is that every chapter has hands on exercises! This is great for beginners who need to learn with hands on examples. It is very hands on and very practical!

2.) Secrets of a JavaScript Ninja!

This book is great for those who are intermediates at JavaScript. This talks about understanding scoping, objects, inheritance and more. I like this book a lot because it is a bit more on my level!

3.) C# 7.0 in a Nutshell!

I am also planning a C# course! This book has helped tremendously. It covers a ton of information and is very practical! I like this book because it’s not over the top challenging, but it’s not for beginner programmers either. 

4.) Programming ASP.NET Core!

This book goes great with the one above! ASP.NET Core is the C# web development framework. The Core version is the newest version which is cross platform! I think this makes ASP.NET a lot more valuable and a lot more in demand. It’s also a more lightweight version. I honestly haven’t started reading this book yet, but it looks like a really great one and I’m excited to read it!

5.) Core Java!

C# and Java are basically the same! I learned C# first and Java is literally no different… ok maybe it has a few minor differences, but still! You can take C# code and then “Javafy it.” It’s a real term! Don’t look it up…. So this book is going to help me make my upcoming Java course! I’m basically taking my C# course and Javafying it with this book. I think it’s pretty cool!

6.) A Smarter Way to Learn Python!

I’m intending to sit down with this book and a pencil and underline things that I am not familiar with and then mark the top of the page. When I come back later, I can just flip through the book and remember the parts where I needed some further study! 

7.) Mastering Object Oriented Python!

I’m hoping to release a full Python course soon! I am not very familiar with Python, unlike C# and Java, so this book is going to help me study and prepare that course!

8.) C++ Primer Plus!

This book is basically a C++ crash course! C# and C++ have many differences, but I am planning on still using C# as a template for my C++ course. C++ is still going to have data types, control flow structures, loops, classes, methods and more. 

9.) Programming in C!

I’m done reading this book because I just released a C Programming Crash Course! This takes all of the information from my recent C Programming course on YouTube, condenses it and adds more practical information! Make sure you check out the Crash Course!

This book has been my reference for that course and my YouTube series and I really like it! It has been very helpful. 

Bonus: BenQ 3-Reading LED Desk Lamp!

I recently got this lamp to do a review on (check out my YouTube channel to see it) and it’s sweet! I just had to tell you guys about it. As you can tell, it’s pretty awesome and it’s what I am going to be using for all of my reading! It’s also fully adjustable. It’s just great! Check it out. 

So that is my reading list! Let me know what you guys think! What is on your reading list for the end of the year?

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