Db2 SQL Tutorial 4 – Create and Drop Table

So far we’ve learned about the very basic concepts of Db2, but now I want to dive in a bit and work with tables. Some of the material in blog may take a few more blogs to fully understand, but that is okay. The goal is to get you started. Later we will come back and learn all the details.


We will be using SQL (Structured Query Language) to communicate to our database. DSM (Data Server Manager) is the UI (user interface) that we can use to work with our database, but we should do as much as we can with SQL. Why use code when there is a user interface? I’m glad you asked.

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Db2 SQL Tutorial 3 – Data Structure and Data Types

Before building a database for yourself or a corporation, you need to understand a bit about database structure.

We are going to go in some depth on how to design a database, which deals with structuring your database the best way possible. However, I thought it would be appropriate to give an overview of the Db2 structure and start using the database right away.

Once we have the fundamentals down, we are going to then go back to database design to learn the details. This will allow us to more concretely discuss database design because we’ve already had some experience with the fundamentals.

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Db2 SQL Tutorial 2 – Getting Started with Db2 and DSM

Db2 2

Here it is, your guide on getting started with Db2! Working with new software can be stressful, so my goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. Fortunately, Db2 setup is not too challenging.

Db2 Editions

Before we dive in and start downloading stuff, I want to take a moment to explain a few of the different editions of Db2. First off, we will be using Db2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. The edition we will be using is called Developer Community Edition (You may hear it as Developer-C) which is a full-fledged version of Db2 with the only limitation that it is only to be used for development.

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Db2 SQL Tutorial 1 – Intro to Db2

First off, what is a database? A database stores data, which is any information that might be of use to a company.

Db2 is a database created by IBM that is best known as an enterprise database, so we are talking about a database used by huge companies who have more data than they know what to do with. The great part for us is that that there are multiple editions of Db2 going all of the way up to the enterprise editions, but actually starting with a completely free version. That’s what I’ll be using.

So back on the topic of data. A database will often be used behind the scenes when you are using some software. Anytime you put information in software that you can access at a later time, that information will be stored in a database.

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