The Complete Guide to Becoming a Node.js Full Stack Web Developer – Quincy Larson / freeCodeCamp

Node.js Full Stack Developer

Recently I had the privilege of working with Quincy Larson, the founder of freeCodeCamp.  If you don’t know, freeCodeCamp is one of the largest online learning platforms for people to learn to code. With over 2000 hours of free training, people are using freeCodeCamp to learn everything they need to get hired as software engineers or full stack developers. I talked to Quincy to figure out exactly what it takes to become a full stack web developer (this content was edited by me from a video interview and are not direct quotes, with my thoughts in gray).

Full stack web development is when you are in charge of the entire project rather than one particular piece. This means you must be fluent in both front end development and back end development. 

What does it take to know the front end for full stack web development?

I definitely recommend learning the fundamentals – HTML, CSS, JavaScript.  These have all been around for 20 years.  They haven’t fundamentally changed that much. JavaScript started out as a basic, browser-native language created in a week, but is getting better every year as the ECMASsript committee piles on additional features. 

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What is Coding? 💻 Part 2

At this point, you’ve probably already read part 1.  This means that you know the basics of what coding is. A better question is: Do you know how to get a job? Knowledge is only part of the battle in the software development industry. I’ve been using this great website called Pramp. Pramp is a website where you get paired with other people and do mock interviews. Technical interviews are very challenging. Pramp gives you what you need to succeed. On top of that, companies are using Pramp to find competent individuals for real jobs.  People have used Pramp to get positions at Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and more! I promise you won’t be disappointed, so check Pramp out!

Can We Automate That?

One of the big reasons companies develop software is for automation. Automation is enabling something to happen automatically without you having to dork with it. With software, we can write an application that has code that will execute the same thing over and over again.  This means that something that used to be a complex process can be made very simple using software.  

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What is Coding? 💻

So you want to learn about coding, huh? Maybe you’re looking at becoming a software developer or software engineer. This is the blog for you! I’m hoping to give you the 10,000 foot view of coding.

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Code is the basis for every software application. An application is anything that runs on a computer. This includes any websites you visit, games you play, apps you use, etc. Software is now embedded in almost everything, such as all modern day vehicles.

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