C Programming Tutorial 41 – Quiz Part 1

Did you read the last blog? Go read it on How to use the Type Cast Operator! Are you new here? Start at the beginning, Intro to C!

Up next we will be covering logic, conditionals, loops, and how to make more complex programs. But before this, I think it is important to make sure we have the previous videos down well. These next few videos will quiz you on some parts of C. If you have a hard time answering these question, you might want to review your notes.


1. So we have this:  5 + 5. What is the entire thing called?

2. What is the + sign an example of?

3. What are the two fives examples of?

4. What are the three categories of operators?

5. What is a language called when it does not care if you add extra spaces between commands?

6. If we have this: int x;What is this called?

7. What about x = 5; ?

8. What is the word used to describe the format of how you type commands, or the rules on how to type C?

9. What are printf() and scanf() examples of?

10. When we pass in a value to a function, that value is called a(n)?


1. An expression

2. An operator

3. They are constants, but also, they are operands

4. We group them into groups depending upon how many operands they have. Unary, binary, ternary

5. White case insensitive

6. Variable declaration

7. Variable initialization

8. Syntax

9. Functions

10. Argument

Ready to learn more? Read the next blog on the second part of our quiz!

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