C Programming Crash Course (3 Hours)

Last year I released a C Programming Crash Course on my website. This year I’ve decided to release it to everyone on YouTube. It consists of a series of sections with timestamps available. Enjoy!

This is everything you need to know to get started as a C Programming Software developer / Software engineer. We start off with the super basics and work our way to intermediate topics such as memory management, structs, and pointers.

Special thank you to IBM Call for Code for supporting this video. They are doing great work to help this world in times of natural disasters.

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1:13 – Intro
7:15 – Linux
17:20 – Basics – Input and Output
33:09 – Variables and Data Types
49:32 – Operators
1:03:13 – Logic (If, Switch, Ternary)
1:19:35 – Loops (for, While, Do While)
1:31:50 – Arrays
1:41:44 – Strings
1:50:00 – Functions
2:07:58 – Creating a Function Library
2:15:55 – Intro to Pointers
2:25:17 – Intro to Structs
2:34:07 – Intro to Memory Management
2:51:16 – Conclusion

Need the Code / Syntax Reference Guide? Here you go!

Introduction – 1.1-intro.c

Linux – 1.2-linux.c

Basics – Input and Output – 1.3-basics-io.c

Variables and Data Types – 2.1-variables-data-types.c

Operators – 2.2-operators.c

Logic (If, Switch, Ternary) – 3.1-logic.c

Loops (for, While, Do While) – 3.2-loops.c

Arrays – 4.1-arrays.c

Strings – 4.2-strings.c

Functions – 5.1-functions.c

Creating a Function Library – 5.2-libraries-main.c

Creating a Function Library – 5.2-libraries.c

Creating a Function Library – 5.2-libraries.h

Intro to Pointers – 6.1-pointers.c

Intro to Structs – 6.2-structs.c

Intro to Memory Management – 6.3-memory.c

Conclusion – 7.1-conclusion.c

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